Bike Rental Terms and Conditions


1 - The subscriber of the contract declares that he/she receives a vehicle owned by WBC, Lda, hereinafter referred to as Sardinhas RENT, with the characteristics mentioned in this agreement and in perfect conditions and undertakes to return it in the same state at the time and date stipulated in contract, or come to Sardinhas RENT office to extend the contract.

2 - Commits to drive the vehicle in accordance with the rules of transit in Portugal.

3 - It is forbidden to allow the vehicle to be driven by persons outside this contract, as well as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4 - The lessee shall be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle itself, loss, theft or stings, all fines for violation of the Road Code and all expenses derived therefrom.

5 - In case of theft or robbery, the customer will have to pay the full amount of the motorcycle according to the table displayed in the store.

6 - In case of accident, or any malfunction of the vehicle, the lessee will immobilize the vehicle immediately and contact OportoRent. In no case will he admit guilt or leave the vehicle without first talking to Sardinhas RENT.

7 - Sardinhas RENT is not responsible for any damages caused to the driver in case of accident or fall.

8 - Mechanical damage caused by improper or negligent use will be entirely the responsibility of the lessee.

9 - The security deposit may be used in whole or in part as compensation for expenses incurred in breach of contract.

10 – The subscriber of the contract has a half hour of tolerance above the agreed time for delivery. After this tolerance will be charged for the time that exceeds in a minimum rate of two hours.

11 - The vehicle is delivered with a padlock. Whenever you leave the vehicle, it is mandatory to place the padlock in order to avoid theft. The customer is fully responsible for the vehicle.

12 – The lessee expressly declares and authorizes Sardinhas RENT to register, conserve, consult and use, personal data obtained within the scope of this contract.  The lesse also authorizes the use of photos or another multimedia material for dissemination and promotion of the activity of the Sardinhas RENT, namely in social networks, in advertising flyers and in his official website.

13 - The lessee declares has been informed by Sardinhas RENT the right to oppose the collection and processing of data.

14 - In case of divergence both contracting parties will agree to appear in the courts of the district of Porto

15 - Security amount (per vehicle): Bike = 100 euros, E-Bike = 200 euros.