BMW Rental Terms and Conditions

Motorcycle Rental Agreement

WBC, Lda - 2Rent Motos, here in after called “Owner”, agrees with the Client, here in after called “Renter”, the rental of the vehicle bellow.

The Renter is aware and agrees.

1) – The Owner represents that to best of his knowledge and belief, this said vehicle is sound and safe, therefore, it must be returned in the very same conditions, by the end of the rental.

2) – The vehicle in question shall not be operated by any other person without the written permission of the Owner.

In this case, the third person will share the responsibilities with Renter and shall be held responsible for that matter.

3) – Minimum age required: 21 years old. The driver’s license shall be valid in Portugal, according to the National and International Law , the category shall apply to the vehicle agreed and the Renter must have one year of experience in driving.

4) – The payment of the rental of the motorcycle in question can only be made by common means of payment.

5) – All the vehicles are delivered and returned with full tank. If the Renter fails to do so, the Owner will charge for the used fuel and tax an extra fee for refuelling.

6) All the expenses due to poor or illegal use, infractions or others will be charged to the Renter. 

7) The vehicles are not allowed to participate in any competition.

8) – Any traffic fine occurred in the period of this agreement shall be charged to the Renter.

9) – The rental will end on the day determined by the Renter, in agreement with the Owner. If the Renter wishes to extent the period of the rental, must contact the Owner immediately. This will depend on the availability of the Owner. 

10) – The Renter hereby agrees to pay a deposit, which in the absence of damage, loss, lack of fuel or other extra expenses included in the responsibility of the Renter, shall be returned in total to the Renter.

11) - The Renter hereby agrees to act on behalf of the Owner and of the Insurance Company of the rental, in the event of any incident or accident during the terms of this Agreement, by doing as follows:

A – Collect the identifications of the all of those involved and possible witnesses;

B – Not declaring guilty or responsible by impulse. In this case, the Renter will be held responsible for any resulting consequences, under the terms of the Law;

C – Do not abandon the vehicle without taking all the necessary proceedings to protect it and preserve it;

D - All accidents must be reported to the Laws of Enforcement immediately.

12) – All accidents, losses, theft , damages or vandalism must be, immediately, reported to the Laws of Enforcement and to the Owner. All the necessary actions must be discussed and taken by the Renter and the Owner.

13) The Renter accepts to watch over the safety, storage or parking of the vehicle in question

to the best of its abilities, otherwise, it may be considered civil responsibility.

14) All the vehicles must be returned with its security systems available when requested by the costumer, namely, locks and/or alarms.

15) CANCELLATION: If the customer cancels their reservation more than one month in advance of the start date of the rental, 2 Rent Motos will refund the total amount. untill the 15th day in advance from the start 2 Rent Motos will refund half of the total amount. From the 15th day untill the start date no Refund will occur. Such Cancellation must be communicated in writing. If the cancellation is partial, or if the customer wishes to cancel only a few days of their rental period, the same cancellation policy will applied to the canceled days.

16) - The present Agreement is ruled by the Portuguese Laws. Both parties agree to name the Foro da Comarca de Sintra to rule any possible conflict, excluding any other, for that matter.

The OwnerThe Renter

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