Motorcycle Group TOURS

Some general rules

  • Time2Ride team from Sardinhas Tours are identified with custom fluorescent vest
  • As a rule, in addition to Road Leader, there is also an element to close the caravan
  • All the participants will be given a Tour Data Sheet with the staging points and the most important contacts in case of need of help
  • The Road Leader will seek to maintain a constant speed in accordance with the limits established by the road code of the country in question. Only in special circumstances should Road Leader be overtaken by the remaining elements of the caravan
  • Stops for fuelling will be made, on average, 200 to 200 km. The fuel tanks must be attested before the start of the tour.
  • Changes of direction will always be indicated in advance by the Road Leader, therefore all elements should use the direction indicator (blinks)
  • Each element of the caravan should be responsible for the previous bike, that is, control the rear view of the bike that precedes it and slow down when it stops viewing it. This chain behaviour will slow the progress of the whole caravan, thus allowing them to merge. Never stop or back away. If something has happened the Time2Ride element that closes the caravan will make the necessary decisions for its resolution. At the limit, the caravan will reconvene at the next scheduled stop
  • The elements of the caravan should avoid creating large spaces between them in order to avoid the so-called accordion effect, that is, when the 1st front element accelerates to recover lost space, the caravan “stretches” in such a way that the “gap ” among the elements grows exponentially. The last element (depending on the number of elements) will be forced to accelerate above that recommended to recover the group.
  • If you want to film or photograph the group, you should advise the Road Leader in advance so that you can get out or over the caravan without causing any embarrassment. Places with a relevant landscape may already be referenced in the program for a short stop.
  • In order to allow better visibility and safety of the participants, the caravan should move in alternate positions (in X) on the road, ie if the Road Leader is leaning against the axis of the road the next element should lean against the edge and so on. In addition to the visibility, in case of emergency braking there will be twice the space for the defensive manoeuvre. If it is necessary to deviate from any obstacle (eg a hole) there will also be more room for this. Avoid circling “on top of the wheel” or next to the front runner.
  • At stop locations, follow Road Leader’s instructions on how to park motorcycles in a way that will not hinder traffic safety or prevent pedestrians from passing. Be very careful with the domino effect.

 Group tour with Time2Ride – Some advice

  • Participants must always carry the supplementary key of the motorcycle with them. They must also carry with them, with visible access, pertinent medical information in the event of an accident or health problem (chronic diseases, unusual blood type, etc.), in addition to a preferential number of contact in case of emergency. A scanned copy on the Smartphone of every document on the motorcycle is always a good principle in case of any loss.
  • If it is planned to leave the country it is advisable to request in advance the European Health Card which allows free access to the NHS of the country or countries of the European Union.
  • Participants are advised to carry with them any puncture repair system (spray, cleats, etc.).
  • Before starting the journey, check the oil level, water, battery condition, lights and tire pressure. Make sure that the number of miles you have planned allows you to make the trip safely and within the limits of the next revision recommended by the manufacturer. Do not forget that a tire close to total wear hits the breaking point very quickly and especially if it goes under high temperatures. Make sure your safety and that of others.
  • When possible, wear suitable motorcycle equipment, such as footwear with a good level of protection, pants and jacket with protections, suitable gloves and a helmet properly homologated and within the validity period of the same. Always privilege your safety. If weather conditions are unstable, you should carry a good sweater (fleece sweater or wind stopper), thermal collar (buff), rain suit and waterproof gloves.
  • Use maximum moderation in alcohol consumption. In case of using a motorcycle rental, never forget that the consumption of alcoholic beverages or any narcotic, as a rule, and in case of an accident, invalidates the insurance contracted through the renting company.

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