Motorcycles Tours Terms and Conditions

1. Object

1.1 These General Conditions of Contract are designed to establish the terms and conditions governing the provision of package travel services proposed by Sardinhas Oporto Rent Shop And TOURS (WBC, Lda) (Hereinafter “time2Ride”).
1.2 The services are offered to the Client under the terms and conditions expressed herein.
1.3 The terms set forth in the Particular Conditions, if any, shall prevail over the provisions of these General Terms and shall prevail over both of any additional written and agreed upon stipulations between the participant (s) and time2Ride.
1.4 By contracting time2Ride, Customer acknowledges the understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth.

2. Registration

2.1 Reservations are made in the order of arrival of the applications for registration and limited to a certain number of vacancies in the particular conditions of the tour.
2.2 After confirmation of the reservation by time2Ride, the Customer must fill out a complete registration form, provided by time2Ride, with all the required data and the options or extras mentioned in the particular conditions of each tour.
2.3 Changes to the registration on the tour that may be requested a posteriori by the customer, may be accepted by time2Ride or not, and be subject to change fees, in particular when they imply alterations to reservations already made with other suppliers.

3. Payment Conditions

3.1 By sending the registration form, the Client must pay 30% of the value of the tour, the remaining payment being staged in 40% up to 45 days before and the remaining 30% up to 15 days before the start of the tour;
3.2 If the enrollment for the tour is to take place 45 days before or less than the scheduled date, the Client must immediately pay 70% of the total amount and the remaining 30% up to 15 days before the start of the tour.
3.3 Time2Ride reserves the right to cancel any registration, which payment is not made in accordance with the conditions mentioned above, applying the clause stipulated in point 4.

4. Withdrawals

4.1 If the participant’s withdrawal occurs, in writing, up to 30 days before the start of the tour, time2Ride will refund half the amount paid at that date.
4.2 Withdrawals occurring within 30 days prior to the date of commencement of the tour do not entitle any type of reimbursement of amounts already paid.

5. Complaints

5.1 Only written complaints, formulated within a period not exceeding 15 days, after the end of the service will be considered.
5.2 Complaints concerning services of hotels, guides, local agents and other suppliers may only be accepted, provided that they participate in these service providers during the trip or stay and with the presentation of supporting documentation.
5.3 Failure to timely disclose such participation and documentation constitutes a cause of exemption from time2Ride’s liability.

6. Changes of conditions and cancellations

6.1 Time2Ride may, where justified, change the conditions of the Program and replace it with similar ones, such as the order of the courses, the time of departure or arrival, or any of the accommodation provided by others of a category equal to or higher and similar location.
6.2 If unforeseen circumstances oblige time2Ride to suspend a trip, the customer will be fully refunded, of the amounts already paid.
6.3 Time2Ride reserves the right to cancel an organized trip if the number of participants is less than the minimum required. In these cases, the customer will be informed in writing at least 15 days in advance, time2Ride being exempted from any responsibility for the cancellation. The amounts paid in the meantime by the customer will be fully refunded.

7. Transfer of Registration

7.1 The participant may assign his / her registration, being replaced by another person who fulfills all the conditions required for the trip, provided that he informs time2Ride in writing at least 15 days in advance and that the different suppliers included in the tour accept the replacement.
7.2 The transfer of the registration jointly blames the transferor and the transferee for the payment of the value and the additional charges originated by the transfer.

8. Documentation

8.1 The participant must carry all necessary documentation valid: Identity Card or Citizen Card, passport, visa, driving license and others, if required. Time2Ride declines any and all liability for refusing to grant visas or refusing permission to enter the participant in Portugal and Spain (European Union).
8.2 The participant must be a credit card holder with enough balance to be able to make the damage deposit (deductible or deposit to be returned at the end), regarding the rental contract of the motorcycle used in the tour. The value of the damage deposit varies according to the motorcycle selected in the package of the tour.

9. Insurance

9.1 Time2Ride has on all of your tours group liability insurance (against third parties) for use of the motorcycle, when the motorcycle rental is part of the tour package. Your policy can and should be consulted simply by requesting it. Travel assistance insurance of € 2.50 per day may also be suggested.
9.2 In order to participate in a tour organized by time2Ride, each participant must sign travel insurance in his / her country of origin, do not exclude the motorcycle as a means of transportation and provide medical and health assistance with repatriation to the country of origin in case of emergency and / or accident
9.3 The specific insurance for the rental of the motorcycle are described in the rental contract of the same, to be celebrated before the start of the tour
9.4 Time2Ride does not have any responsibility for the safety of customers, participants of the tours, either individually or collectively, during the performance of the contracted service, and can not be held responsible in any way for any incident involving the participants, during the performance of the injuries and death for the participants and / or third parties.

10. Means of Payment

10.1 The participant may pay for the time2Ride services, by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, by Paypal or by bank transfer, to the NIB indicated at the time of booking.

11. Using the Motorcycle

11.1 The motorcycles included in the tour package are limited in their use only during the course of the tour. It is not allowed to use the motorcycle outside the route described or its private use on rest days and / or at the end of the daily steps.
11.2 Individual and group security is a constant priority of time2Ride. The use of the motorcycle in a reckless manner and / or disregarding traffic rules and legal limits, the consumption of alcohol, drugs or drugs that inhibit the participant’s motor and / or intellectual capacity will not be tolerated and will cause the immediate suspension of the motorcycle. with the consequent suspension of the use of the motorcycle.

12. Photos and Videos

12.1 Time2Ride’s photos, videos, and other promotional / advertising materials produced during the tour are the property of time2Ride. Time2Ride is authorized to use all material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which participants of the tours can be recognized. The participant abdicates the right to claim any rights to time2Ride for the use of this material. In any event, the participants have the right to renounce to which images of themselves they are used, expressing this will for that purpose.)

13. Declaration of Responsibility

13.1 Driving any motorized vehicle is a risky activity. At the start of each time2Ride tour, the participant is required to complete and sign a liability agreement acknowledging that time2Ride, its owners, employees, and agents are not guardians of the safety of any of the participants of the tour and individually or collectively can not be held legally responsible for any incidents related to accidents or other that may result in injury, death or other damage to their client, their property or to their relatives or heirs.

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