Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Tours

The time2Ride team from Sardinhas Rent and TOURS, are committed to providing all motorcyclists who want to visit Portugal the best we have on the roads, the natural and architectural beauty, secular history and the hospitality of our people. Take a few minutes of your time and watch what you can expect touring with the BMW R 1200 GS.

A fabulous TOUR through two fantastic natural parks in the north of Portugal (Natural Park of Gerês and Natural Park of Montesinho), culminating with the fantastic experience of participating in a vintage in the Douro.

A day totally spent in a Port Wine Farm where we can harvest the grapes and accompany the workers inside the mill to step on the grapes.

Unforgettable for sure.

Roads and fantastic landscapes will always accompany us throughout the course of this tour.


PriceBike+Pilot*Bike+2 persons**
BMW R1200 GS
* Pilot in shared double room     ** Couple in double room     Supplement single room + €400  
From 9 to 14 of Sept.
 960 Km
Ride time 9:00 - 18:00
 Hotels and villas 4*

National Route EN2

National Highway nº2 (former Royal Road) is the largest in Europe and was designed as a link between Chaves (km 0) and Faro (km 737) in a unique and dizzying route that crosses more than 30 municipalities, 11 rivers and 4 mountains.

It should be noted that some sections covering the itinerary were classified in 2003 as Heritage Road.

Because it is Portuguese, with certainty, it does not only represent a course loaded with centuries of existence and tradition, it is also a panoramic and gastronomic itinerary for the country that offers us so .

 From 1 to 6 Oct
 1.600 km
Ride time 9:00 - 18:00
 Hotels and villas 4*